Men’s Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

In order to make sure you always look your best, whether you’re at the office or meeting friends out on the town, it’s essential to have quality shoes in your wardrobe that you can count on no matter what the occasion. From dressy shoes that will get you noticed by your boss and friends alike to casual shoes that are perfect for kicking back at home with your family, here are men’s shoes every man should have in his closet.

1. Men's Wool Runner Mizzles

The classic, versatile and comfortable mizzle is the perfect choice for a casual look that is both stylish and masculine. This pair of wool mizzles comes in a classic heather grey colourway that goes with any outfit, from jeans to chinos to dress pants. The silver detailing on these shoes makes them also incredibly stylish as well as being full of character.

2. Men's Tree Runners

Since its inception, Allbirds has been a leader in the minimalist sneaker market, and this pair of running shoes are no exception. With a comfortable wool upper and an incredibly lightweight sole, don’t be fooled by their simple look because these shoes will bring your outfit to life. Paired with some jeans and a flannel, you’ll be able to go from work to dinner with minimal hassle.

3. Men's Wool Runners

For a pair of durable, sleek and stylish everyday shoes that you can wear with pretty much everything in your closet, look no further than our classic wool Runners. These men’s wool Runners were built to last in a stylish all-black colour scheme that will get you noticed at the office or out with friends.

4. Men's Wool Runner Mizzles

Our natural wool mizzles have been a favourite for years now for their strong, versatile style and functionality. These men’s wool dasher mizzles are one of our most popular items, and it’s easy to see why. The genuine leather upper means that these shoes won’t be showing any sign of wear after months of wear.

5. Men's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

In case you’re looking for some men’s wool runner-up mizzles that have a little more character than our classic mizzles, these are a perfect choice. The grey buck stitching gives them a unique and stylish look that goes well with just about anything. These men’s wool runner-up mizzles could easily be your new go-to shoes for every occasion.

6. Men's Wool Flyer Mizzles

Another great pair of men’s wool mizzles is the flyer. These durable, stylish and comfortable shoes will work with pretty much any outfit you choose to wear. With a soft wool upper and a leather insole, don’t be surprised if you end up wearing these all day long.

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