The Different Types Of Men’s Tops And How To Style Them

Most of the focus when it comes to fashion has been placed on women, but now that fashion is becoming more of a lifestyle instead of just a trend, men are starting to pay attention to fashion as well. If you’re tired of wearing jeans and t-shirts every day, you can take your wardrobe to the next level with some stylish men’s tops. Plus, once you add these high-quality pieces to your collection, you’ll be able to wear them over and over again without getting bored!

1. Textured Crew Sweater

Textured crew sweaters are great for when it’s a bit warmer out and you want something that is going to keep you warm while still looking stylish. This one from Abercrombie & Fitch is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, so it slips on easily and will keep you comfortable. Because this sweater has a little bit of texture, the material looks better with simple bottoms like jeans or black chinos, rather than your classic skinny jeans.

2. Pattern Cardigan

A cardigan is a great piece that you can wear on its own or over something like a crew sweater. It’s made out of 100% cotton, so it’s more casual than a wool cardigan would be, and the pattern will help you stand out. Since the sleeves are bell-shaped, they’ll hit just the right spot just below your elbows. You can wear this with jeans or black pants to add some style to your everyday outfit.

3. Stitched Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

This sweater is a more professional look, but you can still rock it with jeans. It’s made out of 100% cotton and has a modern fit, so it’s easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear it under your blazer if you want to look extra sharp! It comes in three colors: navy, black and grey marl.

4. Waffle Half-Zip Sweater

This classic half-zip is versatile and goes with a variety of different outfits, but the waffle texture makes it more interesting than just a basic zip sweater. If you pair this with jeans or khakis, you’ll look like you’re from the Fonzie era! Depending on the color, this can be dressed up or down, so it’s great for all occasions.

5. Heavyweight Flannel Shirt Jacket

Sometimes, you want a heavier piece with a pattern that will stretch, so this four-pocket jacket is great. The elastic in the cuffs and waist makes it easy to put on and take off and it won’t move around if you’re wearing skinny jeans. It has a classic, oversized fit that goes well with just about any outfit.

6. Stitched Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

For those sexy nights out with the boys, a tailored shirt can be perfect. It’s made out of 100% cotton so you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape, and it has a nice length to it so that it doesn’t feel too short or tight. You also get 3 button front closure on the collar, which adds a nice detail to any outfit.

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